Fleetly Geofence help you to keep track of your vehicles. You can automatically receive different types of notifications that are generated by Fleetly when one or more of your vehicles enter or leave a specific area.

How to Create Geofence?

Geofence View

In the Geofence view you can see and do the following:

Free text field – Filter the list of areas by typing in free text.

Toggle button – Geofence Areas panel to only show the icons for the areas or the full list.

Geofence list – Select a Geofence area from the list to open the details panel for the selected area. In this panel you can edit or delete the area.

An Geofence area list item shows the following information:

  • Geofence icon that indicates the shape type of the area.
  • Name and number of the Geofence area.
  • Vehicles that are assigned to the Geofence area and for which notifications will be generated by Fleetly when entering or leaving the area.
  • Days of the week when the Geofence area monitoring is active.

Filters – We can filter the geofence areas by selecting additional filters Status, Shape types, Trigger Types and Active Time Period.

Create New Geofence

Step 1:

Go to Geofence module > Click on New Area

Step 2:

Details Tab:

In New Area panel, click on Details tab

Give serial number and set Geofence name.


Go to maps > Toolkit > Shapes, select any shape from shapes toolkit and select the location with that shape. Selected location name updated in Location fields. If we select location with Circle shape, radius also updated.

Active Time Period:

We can select time period by clicking on appropriate radio buttons Unlimited and Temporary.

By using date field we can set date ranges from starting to end date.

Step 3:

Schedule Tab:

We can monitor the area for certain period of days and Time.

Click on days symbols to select particular days.

Set Start time and End Time.

Step 4:

Notifications Tab:

Event is created when the vehicle enters or leaves the area. Select the following options (Entering Area, Leaving Area or Both) based on requirement.

Step 5:

Vehicles Tab:

Create Geofence area for All Vehicles or Particular Vehicle in selected fleet. 

We can select fleet from Select Fleet drop down list.

Step 6:

After selecting the options in all tabs then click on Save button to create the Geofence Area. 

Step 7:

Edit Geofence

To edit the details of geofence area do the following:

  1. Select Geofence from the main menu on the left.
  2. Select an area from the list in the Geofence panel.

The details panel opens.

  1. Click the Edit button at the bottom of the details panel.
  2. Edit any or all the details of your Geofence Area as well as the shape of your area.
  3. Click Save to save your changes.

Close the details view by clicking the × button in the upper right corner of the view.

Step 8:

Delete Geofence 

To delete an geofence area do the following:

  1. Select Geofence  from the main menu on the left.
  2. Select the active Geofence area from the list.

The details panel opens.

  1. Click the Delete button at the bottom of the details panel.
  2. Confirm that you want to delete the Geofence area.

The Geofence area is removed from the list.

Note: Based on your Settings you may not be able to delete Geofence areas.