How to Create Driver Login:

Step 1:

  1. Sign into your Fleetly Dashboard at
    • Go to Admin module 
    • Click on Driver management
    • Click on Add
    • Enter all mandatory fields in Add Driver form.
    • Enable Requires Login toggle button 
    • Click on Save button. Driver should be added successfully.

Step 2:

After clicking on Save button, confirmation mail send to the provided mail in Add driver form.


Step 3:

Click on ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT button in confirmation mail, it navigates to another page, click on VIEW YOUR ACCOUNT button.

After this Fleetly Login page will display, give user name (Mail id which is given in Add Driver form) and reset the password to create password for Driver Login page.

After reset the password, give User name, Password and click on SUBMIT button.

Driver Login should display as following attached screenshot.

If in case of any problems with Add Driver or Driver role creation, Please contact Fleetly support team on