Getting started with Fleetly for New Customers

This knowledge base article is relevant to you, if you have purchased a Dash camera, Vehicle CCTV or a GPS Tracking device from Fleetly or one of our authorized retailers or distributors.  To continue with the device registration process  to register your account with Fleetly platform.  

If this is your first device, this article provides step by step approach to register device and setup your account.  This is essential understand the registration process to explore the benefits of your account. 

Once you open your device package, you should find instructions with "Device Identifier", When is important to identity it’s a Fleetly device to allow you with registration process.  Please keep this information accessible to proceed further with registration. 


How to register your first device

Visit fleetly website using URL  using any of your preferred web browser (Although we recommend Google Chrome for better user experience). Once page is successfully loaded, click on "Register Now" button,  a section is circled for you on below screen.


Register Now

Step 1:

To register new device in to Fleetly Platform, just click on Register Now link.




Step 2:

Register Now, navigates you to another page where you are required to input Device Identifier/IMEI Number (IMEI Number is same as Device Identifier).  Once you enter your device Identifier in provided text box, please click on Verify.  All valid purchases from authorized retailers will be automatically recognized by the system.  If in case of any problems with validating IMEI or Device Identifier, Please contact our support team on 


Step 3:

After verification of IMEI number, the page navigates to Registration form for device registration. And here we need to fill all mandatory fields in the form.

To get OTP we can choose Email or Mobile from select type drop down list.

After filling all fields, click on GET OTP button. OTP will send to specified mobile number or Email, and navigates to another page.

Step 4:

Enter OTP which is sent to specified mobile number or Email, then click on VERIFY button. If OTP not received, click on Resend OTP link to get another OTP.


Step 5:

Once OTP verified page navigates to another page, here we can create Individual fleet or Business fleet based on our requirement.

Individual Account

To create Individual fleet, select Individual radio button and give Username (Email Format), Password then click on CONTINUE button.

Note: User Name should be Unique (Ex:

With individual account, mainly FE (Family Edition) Admin role will be created. By using FE Admin role, we can create multiple users like FE Member, Driver roles



Business Account

To create Business fleet, select Business radio button.

Give Business name (Fleet name), User Name (Email Address) and Password then click on CONTINUE button.

Note: User Name should be Unique (Ex:

With Business account, mainly Fleet Admin, Fleet Manager, Admin etc roles will be created.







Step 6:

To confirm the registration process, click on SUBMIT button.


Step 7:

Registration successful message displayed as below mentioned screenshot. And to activate account, check confirmation mails in registered Email Address in registration form. 


Step 8:

Click on ACTIVATE ACCOUNT button in confirmation mail, it navigates to another page. Here click on VIEW YOUR ACCOUNT button.

After clicking on VIEW YOUR ACCOUNTRegistered account will be verified and displays Login Screen.

After this, one more confirmation mail (Welcome mail) received to Registered Email. This mail contains User Name, Mobile Number and LOGIN YOUR ACCOUNT button.

Click on LOGIN YOUR ACCOUNT button




Step 9:

Click on LOGIN YOUR ACCOUNT button.

Fleetly Login page will display, here we can enter created Username and Password, then click on SUBMIT button or ENTER. Fleetly Dashboard page will display

If we didn’t know the password, click on Reset Password link to reset the password.


How to Login Account


Click on Fleetly URL,

Enter user name, password and click on Login


How to Reset Password

To reset password for a Fleetly user, do the following.

Step 1: Click the Reset password link in the page.



Step 2: 


After clicking on Reset Password link, the page navigates to following enclosed screen.

Here you can enter UserName and select Verification method type (Email or Mobile Number).










Step 3:  

If you select  Verification method as mobile number, following screen will be coming. Here you need to enter user name, mobile number and select country code then click on GET OTP button. The OTP will be send to specified mobile number.


Step 4: 

 If you select  Verification method as Email, following screen will be coming. Here you need to enter user name and Email then click on GET OTP button. The OTP will be send to specified mobile number.


Step 5: 

After receiving OTP to Mobile number or Email, just enter OTP in Enter OTP field then click on VERIFY button.

If OTP not received, click on RESEND OTP button, the OTP will send to specified mobile number or Email.